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Hades husband, take it easy.

My heart was pounding. "Who are you?"? What exactly are you? "We are the ghosts under the old prince's seat, we-" His voice did not fall, "Ding." A soft sound broke the thick darkness behind them. Jiang Qiyun, wearing a simple shirt and trousers, came quietly from the darkness. Ghost job? You guys are so bold. Chapter 584 planning 5. Chapter 584 planning 5. As soon as Jiang Qiyun's voice fell, he raised his hand and turned it into a complex silver spell, which was so powerful that I felt it shaking in front of my eyes for a moment. "Pow." The light in the elevator is on. The thick darkness disappeared without a trace, and the big and small ghosts raised their hands to cover their eyes as if they were burned by the sun. Light always gives people courage. When I saw Jiang Qiyun appear, dispel the darkness and restore the light outside, I almost didn't want to wave another sword. This time, the sword of purple electricity went straight to the body of the little devil and split a deep scar. Jiang Qiyun slightly hooked his lips, as if to praise me for not standing in a daze and missing the opportunity. The sword split the little devil's arm and half of his body. There was no expression on his face, and a black smoke came out of the wound. On his face, there was black blood in the grey whites of his eyes. What the hell is this? This is a demon! I have a deep memory of the situation of the corpse demon, and the black blood and meat slurry that came out was disgusting. This child is also a demon! Jiang Qiyun raised his hand to make a suggestion to him, and the big ghost suddenly pointed to the window beside him. "Bang!" There was a loud noise, the window burst open, and the boundary outside the window burst open. Jiang Qiyun frowned slightly, and the big ghost hugged the little demon and rushed out. The Yin Qi outside the boundary filled in,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and two little devils in hats appeared in front of us with trepidation. They knelt down with a splash and said, "I've seen the emperor!" “……” Jiang Qiyun narrowed his eyes and did not speak. The two little devils were so scared that they crawled on the ground and dared not lift their heads. What the hell is going on here? The nether world of the imperial capital is also like the human world, with layers of fog and complex relationships, which make outsiders confused about the situation. I decided to discuss with Jiang Qiyun later and turned to the kitchen to check. The third girl fainted, foaming at the mouth and lying by the kitchen door, her lower body incontinent, her hands broken by the dregs of the bowl, blood and dirt, disgusting. The reason why she was so frightened was the sink, the bubble of the sink gradually broke, Belt Filter Press ,wall penstocks, a pool of blood appeared in the pool, and one. A tumbling head. I'm not as afraid of this kind of scene as I was at first, but I still feel sick to my stomach. The ghost was so angry that he stared at me as if he had something to say. …… Say it, and then it's time to go. Don't add to the sin. It's not good for you. I took out a small hollow triangle-the simple altar of the Shen family. I want them to accompany me. Said the ghost, who had only one head, hoarsely. They can't accompany you, they all go their own way when they die, ignorant and ignorant. Why did you choose to commit suicide so impulsively? On drugs? I said. …… Yes This woman's friend once gave me a kind of medicine, I was addicted, every time I did it, I wanted to take this medicine, and then I was very violent to her, so she wanted to end our relationship and roll with Lao Qi. How interesting The female ghost's resentment is very heavy, but her character is really like a man. …… Why were you caught by the devil? I asked. The ghost looked at me blankly. "Demon?"? What is it She didn't know? Jiang Qiyun went to the study to have a look and said to me at the top of the stairs, "Xiao Qiao, take her and ask later." "Oh.." OK I hurriedly threw the small triangle on her head, pinched the incantation, the silver light flashed slightly, and the head and blood in the pool disappeared. Jiang Qiyun coldly glanced at the fainted mistress: "Don't worry about this woman, but the man in the room." Died. ” Eh? Died "How?!"! I have dispelled the gloomy atmosphere in the room just now! The ghost is in the kitchen, too! I'm a little anxious. I've never made a serious mistake! Just now old Qi collapsed on the ground, I just came out to see the situation here, but suddenly saw the little devil's eyes out of black gas, just interrupted. …… Don't be afraid, I'm here. Jiang Qiyun reached out to hold my shoulder. This thing is not as simple as you see. We have found the tip of the iceberg. He gave a sneer. On earth What's going on? I think this female ghost has a deep way, but she is just an ordinary person, an ordinary person who has just died. I looked up at Jiang Qiyun. He raised his hand and ran his cool fingertips across my cheek, which calmed me a little. She was manipulated by that demon, otherwise she could not be so smart and sophisticated. If it wasn't for you, both of them might be dead. Jiang Qiyun sneered. He narrowed his eyes and said, "It seems that we really want to go to the City God Temple in the imperial capital in person.." Old Wang Ye estimated that he was too short to cover up. "I'll call Shao Yihang first." I was so upset that I called Shao Yihang and asked him to call the police and an ambulance. This kind of thing appears in the newspaper and is only the talk of the public after dinner, not to mention that Shao Yihang has the ability to suppress it. Crying, the two little devils crawled a few steps toward me and whispered,Rotating sludge scraper, "Little empress, we really didn't mean to be late. We, we were locked out by the boundary and couldn't get in." "What do you mean?"? Are you the ghosts who were originally escorted? "Yes." "Who is the big ghost and the child-like demon?" We don't know. The little empress helped us to plead for mercy. We really didn't mean to be late! I looked up and Jiang Qiyun squinted at me with a warning in his eyes.

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