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Capture the Demon Prince

But. Looking at the Kaka beside him, the wormwood hung its head again. Kaka can't be implicated by himself. Kaka is innocent. She didn't know anything. She could have had a colorful college life. However, it is their own destruction. Suddenly, the wormwood laughed. Because she thought of. Don't think you have all the chips. I'm still holding your big secret. If you don't want me to reveal it, don't bother me and Kaka again. Looking at their suddenly deflated faces, the wormwood and Kaka shook hands and laughed happily, just short of jumping up and shouting. But it was only a moment. Then you can try it. Let's see who will stick to the end. The words of the wind and clouds are light, but they seem to make people feel uneasy. The newly resurrected heart of the wormwood seemed to be going back to hell. 33 Agreement-Conditions for My Admission to the Student Union Kaka, I'm going out for a walk. Come back later. Wormwood said feebly to Kaka, who was sleeping with squinting eyes, whether she heard it or not. Half a day Kaka had a little reaction, "Wormwood, where are you going?"? Don't you know that you are the target of everyone now? Let's just stay in the dormitory. Glancing back at Kaka,rapid sand filters, the wormwood sighed, stared at the door for a moment, then opened the door and went out. How could she not know that she was not only the enemy of those guys in the student union, but also the nail in the eyes of all the girls in the school. Looking around feebly, now as long as she comes out,Lamella Plate Settler, she can have the treatment of a star, hehe. What could she do with a girl who kept talking about herself and cursing herself? Is it difficult for her to go up and explain to them one by one? Is she really going to tell their secret? Wormwood can not help laughing at themselves, they must have expected that they will not say out, otherwise how can it be so arrogant. That's right. How could I say anything. I can't do it at all. In that case.. That's the only way. Thinking of this, the wormwood strode its own steps. Special room for students' union members. Standing here again, the wormwood is really not tasty in my heart. The first time I rushed into the room, although it was not here, it was also their territory, and the second time it was for Miyazawa Yu, fine bubble diffuser ,lamella tube, this time. Wormwood shook his head vigorously. She couldn't imagine what she would do if she took this step and walked into the room. "Knock, knock." Two gentle sounds finally elicited a response from inside. Come in, please Taking a deep breath, the wormwood calmed down, opened the door and stood still. Meet their eyes. Excuse me, when do I start working? "Oh?"? What do you mean by that? The cold words of the monsoon. But as if.. "I thought you were going to fight for a while.". What's the matter Scared? The knight asked the wormwood with a smile in his eyes. The wormwood looked at the proud boys in front of him and suddenly burst out laughing. Is that all you think about? "Why can't I do that for my friend to return to her former peaceful life?". If I can do this for her, why don't I do it. Why didn't I reveal that secret? Was it just because I was afraid? Don't I know how important it is? Looking at them without a word, just quietly looking at her, it seems that they are just enjoying the speech of others, not to understand the meaning of that person. Ai Cao felt that talking to them was really casting pearls before swine. It was so tiring. That's what you think. I'm surrendering to you now. So there should be no doubt in your mind. When do I start? "Tomorrow." Just when those malicious boys were ready to play pranks, Miyazawa Yu slowly spit out these two words from his thin lips. Ai Cao looked at Miyazawa Yu, and he still had the same expression that would never be affected by the outside world. He exhaled secretly, "I know.". I'll report on time. Closing the door heavily behind him, the wormwood collapsed as if it had fought a battle, and leaned against one side of the wall for a long time before he came to his senses. Raises the heavy footsteps to walk on the boundless corridor, the wormwood's mood no longer relaxed. I thought I could at least feel at ease after all this, but why did I have a vague feeling in my heart. Uneasy.. However, now that we have done a good job with Miyazawa Yu, then as long as we do not provoke him, and they, then everything will really be over. Ai Cao remembered what she had said to Miyazawa before she came here. "Do you have to get me into the student union and put me beside you?" "I thought you realized that a long time ago." All right then. I accept my fate. I can't fight you. But I won't stay in the student union all my life. "That's easy.". As long as I know you don't have that heart, I will let you go. Miyazawa looked at the wormwood with a faint smile. That's good. Then let's make a pact. Two months. If I meet your requirements in these two months, you will be satisfied. Then let me go. 'All Right. If you can go out of your way to meet our requirements until we are satisfied. I'll find any reason to let you go. Thinking of this, the wormwood stopped. Cried, "Devil.". You are all devils. Miyazawa Yu! Wormwood where will not know, as long as she went in, they will think of ways to punish her. How could she not know. I'm going to die anyway, and I don't care anymore. One by one, just watch me make a scene in your student union. 34 trial-so into the student union. Standing at the door of the dormitory, Ai Cao imagined what Kaka would look like when she knew that she was going to enter the student union. Taking a deep breath,multi disc screw press, the wormwood slowly pushed open the door and walked in slowly. Just as he was secretly pleased that the empty dormitory meant that Kaka was no longer there, a voice came steadily behind him. Hey. Where did you go? Come on, tell me the truth. You left in such a hurry that those who didn't know thought you were going to be reincarnated. Kaka purred with her mouth full of foam.

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