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Suizi Monogatari

At first, Suizi didn't understand Grandpa's words, but later she was very embarrassed. She felt that Grandpa's life was somewhat irrelevant to hers. Grandpa's posture, tone and costume were placed in the peaceful environment of the nursery, which was very strange. Grandpa enjoyed himself in the farce he created and gave everyone a good entertainment. After that, instead of talking to Grandpa, she rolled her eyes at him and said, "I don't want you to be my grandfather!"! I don't want you to talk! I don't want you to care about me! Don't want you to be my parent! Grandpa thought he didn't hear anything else, but the phrase "Don't want you to be my parent" made the old man wilt, and the backbone carrying the spike collapsed. This is Grandpa's most guilty point. Later, when Grandpa passed away, the most unbearable thing for the adult Suizi was what she often said to the old man. Only then did she realize how cruel the child was and how he knew how to take advantage of the pain of others. At that time, Suizi had read an article about the domestication of elephants: a man burned a hole in the elephant's ear and applied medicine to the wound so that it would fester forever. Once the elephant showed signs of rebellion, the man poked the hole with a branch. Suizi did not understand how she was aware of her grandfather's unhealed illness. Perhaps it was brought out by her grandmother's angry words with her grandfather, or perhaps her mother gave her some kind of hint: Grandpa was just shouting, not a blood grandfather. It was probably at the age of nine that Suizi finally realized that Grandpa was an outsider. As early as the fifties, the government came forward to match up some veterans and married the grandmother who had been widowed for many years to the grandfather. The old man, who was called grandfather by Suizi, had nothing to do with her in blood. But that's the last word. Now Suizi is still young and naive. Grandpa is a backer and courage to her. It's an old horse. It's a warm water bag. In winter,uns s32750 sheet, there was always a hot water bag in Suizi's bed, but once the water leaked out and scalded Suizi's legs, Grandpa gave Suizi his own bed. Until Suizi went to primary school, her bed was made by her grandfather. Grandpa sat in bed, wearing headphones to listen to the semiconductor, an hour later the bed was hot, Suizi went to sleep. Not long after Grandma died,uns s31803 sheet, something big happened outside. People fell out overnight and rushed to Suizi's parents' home early in the morning and dragged Suizi's father away. After that, Suizi's mother packed some things with her leather every day and went to Grandpa's backyard to burn them. They burn photos, paper and books. There were some things she really couldn't do, so she put them aside. Suizi knew that it was some of his father's manuscripts or scripts, which were still unfinished. Suizi's mother put Suizi's father's manuscript in a big bamboo basket filled with rags. It was at this time that Suizi was convinced that the brown leather shoes and flesh-colored stockings in the basket were incriminating evidence: it was in them that the mother kicked the baby in two feet. Suizi thought that her mother wanted to kick her to death at that time, but later she changed her mind and was afraid of her sudden resentment against the baby, so she stopped wearing the high-heeled shoes. Suizi's mother gave the basket to Grandpa. Grandpa says: "You are at ease, which dare copy my home?" Early this morning, Grandpa went to buy coal for the winter, and the people who ransacked the house came. Suizi asked them to copy first and trotted to the coal station to call Grandpa. When Grandpa came back, he opened the drawer and took out a green felt, which was covered with his medals of merit. He threw the felt on the table and said to the ransacking man, "Little bastard, 347 stainless steel ,a333 grade 6 pipe, where did the ransacking go?" The people who ransacked the house were all under 20 years old, and most of them were outsiders, so they didn't know that Grandpa Suizi couldn't be trifled with. Grandpa Suizi didn't want to die in the war in his early years, and now he has lost his life many times to get it back, so he has earned it for nothing. The man who ransacked the house stopped for a moment. They were invincible before they met grandpa. Someone said, "The old man seems to have some background." But the two lock-pickers were struggling and didn't want to stop for a moment. They picked the lock on the coal shed. Coal has become a precious thing in this year, and it is not uncommon for people to lock coal. When the two lock pickers couldn't stop, a stick was used outside to knock heavily on the table top. He said, "Be a bandit in broad daylight, pick my lock, and see if I don't break his claws!" The man who ransacked the house was really a little scared at this time. It's hard for them to meet anyone who dares to talk to them in this tone these days. One of the leaders said kindly to the public, "The old revolutionaries should support the small revolution. If the house is not ransacked thoroughly, how can the revolution be thorough?" Grandpa said, "*** your grandma!" The chief scolded Grandpa like this in front of his subordinates, and he was a little angry. If he stopped here, what prestige would he have in the future? His hand made a very handsome little action, said: "Continue to search, I am responsible for the accident." Grandpa said, "You can try to move one." The two lock pickers looked at Grandpa and looked at the leader. Suizi stared at the old lock, and the door was loose. The chief said, "pry." Grandpa was silent. Next to him, he pinned the medal on the left front of his clothes, and then untied his trousers, which fell to his ankles. Wearing wide underpants, he kicked his leg on the chair. It was not like an ordinary old man. It was ugly and strong. Two bullet wounds twisted all the muscles and tendons, leaving walnut-sized pits on the skin. The hair on Grandpa's legs was much younger than his beard, eyebrows and hair, black and thick. Two hairless bullet wounds on his grim legs stared at people. Grandpa said, "Haven't you seen it?"? My leg was meant to be sawed off. I pulled out the grenade, pulled the bolt, and said to the doctors and nurses, 'Dare to saw my leg and blow you up!' ” When people saw the old man saying "blow up", they suddenly bared their teeth and their eyes were red. At a moment of silence, a woman of sixteen or seventeen said, "What happened next?" As soon as she asked, she unconsciously became an admirer of the veteran, and the other two girls chimed in and asked, "Did they saw your leg?" Grandpa said, "Who dares?"? No one dares to come near me. Two bullets have blossomed in here. Grandpa patted the gunshot wound. I used a knife to dig myself and dug out the large and small shrapnel. The girls said, "It turned out to be an old hero who used a knife to gouge out his own flesh without even giving him an anesthetic." They came up and shook hands with Grandpa one by one, saying how happy they were to shake hands with a living hero for the first time. As they shook hands, they jumped up and down,x52 line pipe, their noses and eyes red. The man who picked the lock was dejected, and when he came up to shake hands with Grandpa, he smiled dejectedly.

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