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Chai Dao Xing

That Ebna Domanias.. It's better to pray that Wen Yu won't have any problems, or I'll dig it out even if I drain the sea water of the West Hades. Did not go directly back to the storm city, Mu Yuechen went directly to the post office of the White Tiger City, found a messenger that could fly a long distance, and sent a letter to Wen Yu. Walking out of the post office again, Mu Yuechen noticed that a new picture had appeared on the side of the street of White Tiger City-an army of vagrants and beggars were entrenched on both sides of the street. Volume III Ou Fu Those Things Chapter 94 Chaos Chapter 94 chaos The beggars either stretched out their hands to beg from passers-by, or stared fiercely at the men and women around them who were relatively well-dressed (than themselves). A disgusting and violent atmosphere filled the streets and alleys of White Tiger City, and everyone was in a hurry, just because the homeless people on the roadside who could only live by begging seemed to be saying in silence: It is because of you that we are so poor.. Grasp the hilt of the sword at the waist, although the line of sight did not look to both sides, but Mu Yuechen clearly felt the burning line of sight on both sides. "Uncle, uncle, give us a bite to eat. My mother and I haven't eaten for days." A little boy who looked dirty ran over. That mouthful of uncle called Mu Yuechen stupefied for a moment-am I so old? Two equally sloppy children ran over and pulled up the corner of Muyuechen's clothes. How to walk only half a month, the white tiger city has become like this? Muyuechen, who couldn't figure out the situation for a moment,316 stainless steel plate, didn't know what kind of reaction he should make at this time. If this was the earth, he would ignore these so-called begging children-because they were basically made by criminals. At this time, Mu Yuechen is completely unclear about the current situation. Uncle, mom has been sick for several days, and we haven't eaten anything since we crossed over. Uncle, can you help us? Mom is in the corner over there. Can you go and see her and take her to the hospital? A few children surrounded Muyuechen,x70 line pipe, that snot and tears of a small face so that Muyuechen can not distinguish between true or false, but the faint eyes around him is more worried about the heart. "Let go" With a woman's rude anger, plus a burst of fire, a few little dolls who had just surrounded Muyuechen dispersed in a hubbub. The girl hurried forward and pulled Mu Yuechen back to the place where they were waiting. She nagged angrily in her mouth: "Really, how could you almost be abducted by them if you were not careful?"? If they knock you out, you go back naked. "Huh?"? Go back naked? Mu Yuechen's original tension finally relaxed when he saw the girl and Qiuqiu and others over there, and asked in surprise. You haven't been here these days. I don't know what's going on here. It's a mess. A few days ago, several small villages around attacked each other, and then a group of refugees rushed into the White Tiger City. Originally, because looking at those injured people is very pitiful, 316l stainless steel pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, people who have the ability to do their best to help them. Before the girl had finished speaking, the two of them had already reached the place where everyone was waiting. At this time, Qiuqiu said, "I didn't expect that good intentions would not be rewarded. Several families were robbed and robbed in the middle of the night, and there was a big fire." "After the fire, there were a lot of beggars on the street. At first, they were still begging for food, but after a long time, there were more monks and less porridge. In addition, ordinary people could barely make a living, but they were basically powerless to give alms.". So now.. They become professional sucker punchers. Although the brocade mouse put on a casual look, but his right hand has not left the dagger on his waist, and his eyes are always scanning around intentionally or unintentionally. "Then.." Then why are you staring at me? Mu Yuechen is a little depressed, is the sword on his waist a decoration? Are these people so confident? "Is that because you were curious to see them just now?" The girl glared at him angrily. "These people are very smart now. Who lives in the city for a long time and will not suffer losses? Who has just entered the city and has not yet figured out the situation. They can see it at a glance.". Really do not know how those children learn, they cheated people nine times out of ten will be stripped, if a woman. Hum.. The girl did not say the words behind, and Shanshan's face on the other side became ugly. These days, every morning there will be a few more bodies on the street, there are men and women, men can leave a pair of underwear is lucky, and women. The clothes are all gone. What else can't happen? And the students of the Magic Academy, who go to school every morning, have seen too much. The first time I saw it, a few people almost spit it out, and now. They're all used to it. Here, good people can not live, only indifference, indifference, disregard, disregard, can barely live safely. They don't even care about people who have learned magic and martial arts? Mu Yuechen knew that if the girl had not appeared, he would have been cheated nine times out of ten just now, but he also knew that no matter what was waiting for him, those people could not touch him at all-for the original residents, perhaps his strength was nothing,x60 line pipe, but he was more than enough to deal with these ordinary traversers who had not been traversing for a long time and had no money to go to school. Who told you not to have the face of a native? Those who look like native inhabitants are afraid to go up and talk to them. Qiuqiu snickered: "We met once before. It was a few children who entangled Shanshan. At that time, I was the only one with her.." "And then?" Mu Yuechen looked at the two of them good-looking-Qiuqiu had also received "special" training from Yan, so she certainly could not suffer losses. Later Uh Qiuqiu tilted her head and frowned and thought: "It seems to be three or four." 。

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