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Ghost by adversity cluster

Mu Renqi, when Nan took office, he had been listed as a taboo in the four realms, which could not be mentioned, discussed, investigated or inquired, as if there had never been the birth and appearance of this person between heaven and earth. However, Nan faintly felt that in those years, the disappearance of Dharma King Mu Renqi, the death of Ling King Mu Nuonian, the madness of Quan Emperor Ren En, the avoidance of the marshal of the underworld from Wang Muyixiu, and finally the reincarnation of yuan Wang Kai and Yun Wang Musaro hand in hand were closely related to each other. He had no way of finding out the reason, and it was estimated that only the people at today's party knew their past. My Lord, do you really want to marry. Your Majesty? Les spoke in a broken voice. There is too much unwillingness and helplessness. It's settled, isn't it? In fact, at that time, Quan Zhihuang's eyes were full of things about Muyixiu and Murenqi. He just caught a man to get married casually, and wanted to draw out Muyixiu, who had not seen him for thousands of years, so as to further draw out the Murenqi he wanted to see most. At that time, the madness of the Emperor of the Spring was clear to him as the left prime minister. Lei didn't care who he married. As long as he achieved the goal of seeing Mu Renqi, he would just catch someone at random. Because the wedding is impossible to succeed,faux ficus tree, Mu Ren Qi appeared, the wedding will be cancelled immediately, since Mu Ren Qi avoided showing up, the emperor of the spring will not give up his bride's position to others. Who let Nan good death at that time from the nearest thunder, had to be regarded as a victim. It is believed that if the right phase is far away from the side of the spring emperor Lei, Lei will not hesitate to announce and far marriage. Fortunately, fortunately, is Nan,large artificial blossom trees, not far, after all, far that guy five big three thick, the body flows with the blood of the dragon clan, the whole person is twice the thunder, how to look like a bride. If you say it out, it will be regarded as a joke after dinner by the four realms. My Lord, do you really love Your Majesty? If the answer is yes, then I am willing to lose, after all, I am insignificant and the supreme emperor of the spring can not be compared. Hum Nan snorted with a smile. Les, you worry too much. I don't care whether I get married or not. I am the left prime minister of the spring world. I can't be the queen of the spring world. What's more, you don't want him to continue to live like this, do you? It's better to help him, and when Muixiu appears, I can retire with success. "Then, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial grass panels, my Lord?" "Your Majesty has his own opinions, and tonight's wedding is extremely important.". Be on your guard until Lord Muixiu appears. In fact, when Muixiu appeared, then the three sessions began, whether Muixiu is willing or not, the heavily guarded hall is absolutely not easy to break through. In fact, such vigilance is not necessary, the emperor of the spring itself is the second God of war in the four realms, in addition to the reincarnation of yuan Wang Kai, and he can only match the Dharma King Mu Renqi, but now, both of them are gone, Mu Yixiu is naturally no match for the emperor of the spring. If you can subdue Muixiu, then the wish of the emperor of the spring is half. Wooden strange, what kind of character is it? Why did the hero bow down? Nan put down the document in her hand, closed her eyes, and began to close her eyes and rest. Why are we going to the wedding of the Emperor of the Fountain? Repair? I took a look at the lazy Woo and the serious face of Xiu. Although I claim that this person is my former boss, my food and clothing parents, my present savior, and the person I should trust and rely on most now. I still can't see through him. He seems to be a man of contradictions. His face clearly said "I hate this man, I don't want to attend his wedding", but he still took me and you back to his palace in the underworld. The underworld servant found us a good evening dress, and then pulled me out with a face of "I hate this man more and more, I don't want to attend this wedding very much". It is very convenient for me to have wings. I have no wings, but Xiu has a flying horse. I ride with him and fly to the distance of the boundless sky. Now, you have regained your strength, but you still can't use it skillfully. Promise me, whatever you do, don't go it alone and trust me to help you, okay? Xiu blew the wind in my ear. Ah I don't understand why he suddenly said something out of nowhere. However, I nodded obediently in agreement. Someone is willing to act as your free bodyguard and guide, and I naturally agree with both hands. However, looking at his dignified look, I felt like I was going to a Hongmen banquet. Don't worry, I'll always be there for you. Xiu probably felt my nervousness and comforted me softly. Uh Nervous? I won't. I've been an intern in the world for so many years. What kind of things I haven't experienced? It's just a wedding. What's the big deal? Just like in my dream, the tall and endless hall, the milky white pillars supporting the weight of the roof, the golden lighting, and the white gauze curtain floating in the air, very beautiful, very soft, very familiar feeling in my heart. Unlike my dream, there were not many people in the hall, no, I should say no one. Although there was a strong smell, no one could be seen. They were all hidden, and it seemed that they had set up a party specially to attract me. Lean on. Xiu's hot breath blew in my ears, making me a little restless. Although I didn't understand the purpose of the Hongmen banquet, I felt more and more uneasy when I heard him say that such a wedding was held to attract him out. No matter what the relationship between Xiu and the Emperor of the Spring is, it will not be a good thing. There is always a bad feeling hanging over my heart. Woo, I'll go in first. You watch over him. Xiu left me to You,outdoor ficus tree, who was in high spirits, armed to the teeth and excited to find someone to fight with, and left quickly.

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